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The Out Of The Past: Part 2 Full Movie Download In Hindi

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7cb1d79195 After being released from an alien spacecraft, a being called the Spirit Drinker starts draining the life force of the people around it, including The Reavers, Lady Deathstrike and Jubilee. Can the X-Men figure out the secret of destroying it before the drained life forces are gone forever?
*Potential Spoilers* In this second part, the X-Men struggle to defeat a true alien creature. The first part does a good job setting up the plot (and giving a good tease into what will become the culture of the Shi'Ar) while the second part kicks into high gear. Wolverine in spite of what led them to this confrontation, keeps his cool even in spite of seemingly losing Jubilee. This episode leans more into the Sci-Fi/Horror category than the traditional kids' action adventure. The souls of the creature's victims, crying and moaning for help really adds a sense of seriousness and uneasiness to what is usually a fun cartoon show. Personally, I love it as it gives the show some more weight. Wolverine's intensity as he shouts "You're dead!" is among my favorite lines of his in the entire show, since he normally wouldn't be allowed to say such a thing on a kids' show. Even though the episode ends as one would expect, its still a standout episode.

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